Accident or Sickness - Unemployment Insurance Provides Security

It seems like everyday more and more redundancies are reported on the news, in the event that you should become a statistic how would you manage to cope? Finding another position could take many months as jobs are sometimes hard to come by and during this time bills would still come flooding in. Where would you get the income to keep servicing them? If you manage to survive redundancy you might be unfortunate enough to become a victim of accident or sickness which left you unable to work. Again the same would apply, with a loss of income you would have to find money to continue meeting the demands of your outgoings. Accident sickness unemployment insurance would allow you peace of mind that at least you would have money coming into the home.

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First you would have to sit down and look at what outgoings you have to make each month. These could include mortgage repayments, loan repayments and of course the standard outgoings of electricity, heating, gas and food bills would all have to be taken into account. Accident sickness unemployment insurance comes as mortgage, loan or income payment protection so you can choose the type of protection you need. Once you have decided which would be the most suitable you then choose how much of your loan or mortgage repayment or your monthly income you want to protect. All providers would state up to a limit so checking before taking out the policy is essential. The amount you chose to insure would be the sum of money you would receive back if you should suffer from unemployment or incapacity. This sum would come back to you as a tax free payment each month for the length of the policy.

There is always a deferment period which you would have to wait before making a claim. Some providers ask that you are unemployed or incapacitated for at least 30 days and then claim on the 31st. Other providers might extend this up to the 90th day. Different providers would also payout for different lengths. Some could offer payments each month for 12 months and other might continue paying out for up to 24 months. Some providers could give you the choice.

Shopping around for accident sickness unemployment insurance would be the best way to ensure that you get the cheapest premiums. While you can take out a policy with the borrowing from the high street lender usually they charge way over the odds. Standalone providers will charge a premium each month which is based on your age when you apply for cover and the amount chosen to insure. If you take age based protection the younger you are when taking out a policy the cheaper you get the premiums. This makes cover affordable for the younger generation who often have little money left over to play with each month.

Accident sickness unemployment insurance can be a lifeline providing you with an income that allows you to concentrate on recovering or allows you to search for work again. You would not have to worry about finding money which could mean making cutbacks that could cause strain and upset within the whole family. It could prevent you from falling into mortgage arrears which could mean you lose your home and safeguards your credit file.

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