Foreclosure Bailout Loans

Many homeowners are facing foreclosure in today's market because of the current economic climate, rising interest rates and ARM mortgages, and other unfortunate circumstances. With job loss and unemployment at an all time high it is no wonder many people are scrambling to stay in their homes. If you are facing foreclosure there are ways to stay in your home but no matter what option you choose the path is not easy. A foreclosure bail out mortgage can allow you to stay in your home but comes with its own risks just like defaulting.

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The terms of a foreclosure bail out mortgage are harsh compared to the terms of a traditional loan. Like a hard money loan or bad credit loan they come with very high interest rates, 12 to 18 percent or more compared to 5 or 6 percent for traditional mortgages for people with good credit. Foreclosure bailout loans are balloon type loans that homeowners can use to pay off the delinquent balance on their mortgage including penalties, late fees, and accrued interest. Along with high interest rates these types of loans often require the purchase of points just to get the rate to a manageable level.

If you are facing foreclosure, a foreclosure bailout loan may allow you to stay in your home but it should not be entered into lightly. There are other options available, such as loan and mortgage modifications or even hard money loans that may carry better terms. If you are considering a foreclosure bailout loan you should be familiar with what you need to have to qualify so you do not waste your time pursuing a loan that you will not be able to get. You have to have sufficient equity in your home to qualify. Most lenders who will fund foreclosure bailouts, hard money loans, or bad credit loans will only give you 65 to 70 percent of your home's value, sometimes even less.

Lenders who fund foreclosure bailout loans do not usually consider a house at its full market value either because they must plan to sell the house below value in a hurry if the borrower defaults. Their estimated value is more likely near 80% of the market value further reducing the amount they will lend. While in many cases a foreclosure bailout loan is better than losing your home, it is still something to be carefully considered. The terms of these types of loans are harsh and they should only be used as a last resort when getting the bailout is better than allowing the bank to foreclose on the home.

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