Unemployment Income Protection Insurance Tips

One of the first tips when looking to take out unemployment income protection insurance is to not confuse this product with one of a similar name. Income payment protection and income protection insurance are two separate products.

Income payment protection pays in the short term and cover unemployment along with accident and sickness. Income protection insurance would just cover accident and sickness, not unemployment and it pays out over the longer term which could be up to the age of retirement. So when looking for protection for your income against unemployment then it is income payment protection that you need to buy.

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Another tip that will save you a great deal of money is to buy your policy from an independent payment protection specialist. High street lender usually offer policies but they charge huge premiums which boosts up the loan or mortgage considerably.

You do have to know what is included in unemployment income protection as all providers will add in exclusions. These have to be checked against your circumstances so that you know you would be eligible to claim against the policy. Once you have then you can look at when the cover would begin to provide you with an income and when it would end as this differs with providers. Usually cover would start somewhere between days 30 and 90 of unemployment and some providers backdate the policy to the first day of unemployment. You would then be able to relax and concentrate on finding work while replying on the policy for between 12 months and 24 months.

Unemployment income protection insurance is taken to ensure that you would have something to rely on if you lost your own income. The income it provided you with would be the sum that you insured when applying for the policy and it would be tax-free. You would be able to use the money to pay a wide range of outgoings that needed keeping up with each month. One of the most important of these outgoings would be your mortgage payment. Your policy would provide you with peace of mind that you are not going to get into arrears. Getting into mortgage arrears and not being able to catch up means that the lender will repossess your home through the courts and a judge will set an eviction date.

You could also see yourself appearing in court if you cannot keep up with loan and credit card repayments. If you get behind on these then you would at the least earn yourself a bad credit rating. This could make getting any kind of credit very hard in the future as all lenders take your credit file into account. Depending on the amount you owe your lender could take you court to claim what you owe through possessions and this means a judge will send bailiffs to your home.

Unemployment income protection insurance can put a stop to all of this and much more. It would allow you to be able to continue meeting all essential bills that go out each month and which keep your home running. It would also mean that you would be able to continue living your current lifestyle and not have to make many changes.

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