Unemployment Insurance will see Changes in March 2008

Changes for the better when it comes to making unemployment insurance more transparent should be seen in March 2008 when the Financial Services Authority introduce comparison tables. At the present the insurance is hard to understand for the majority of consumers due to the fact that a policy wording can be confusing..

This was one of the reasons cover has been mis-sold. A lack of information at the time of buying a policy left many consumers paying out for cover on which they could not hope to claim against. Unemployment insurance can work but it is not suitable for all circumstances because there are exclusions to be found. It is these that can differentiate between you having peace of mind that you can count on or holding a worthless piece of paper.

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Exclusions which are found frequently in unemployment insurance consist of being self-employed, suffering an ongoing illness or only being in part time work. However providers can include others so you really have to go over the policy with a fine tooth comb to be sure you would benefit.

The comparison tables will highlight the exclusions and remind the consumer to check the policy. It will give them an idea of how much a policy costs and will ask them a series of questions which will lead to them taking out the right cover for their circumstances. Unemployment insurance can be taken out to cover your mortgage, loan repayments or your income in general so making sure you have the right policy is essential.

If you choose to take out unemployment insurance as income protection then this would allow you peace of mind that if you should become unable to work you would still have a percentage of your monthly income to fall back on. Mortgage cover would protect the roof over your head by giving you the money needed to continue meeting your repayments. Loan protection provides cover for your loan or credit card repayments.

The cost of unemployment insurance can vary greatly depending on the provider. Recently it was announced that the high street lender rakes in around £4 billion in profits from selling protection insurance along their products. However if you choose to buy a policy independently then you can make huge savings. Another advantage of buying a policy from a standalone provider is the information given before you buy. It is the terms and conditions which will determine how suitable cover is and they must be read carefully.

There has been a lot of bad publicity surrounding payment protection in general of which unemployment insurance is one part. However providing you take the advice that a specialist will offer and make good use of the information provided on their website, cover can work in the way it was designed to work. Individuals considering a policy should remember it is the poor selling techniques which caused the majority of mis-selling that has been investigated and not the actual cover itself. Many are leaving themselves open to losing there homes or getting behind on their loan repayments simply because of a lack of understanding about cover.

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