Burdens on Small Business and the Unemployed

As Americans, we find ourselves living in some very turbulent times. The Health Care debate, and the problems of high unemployment continue to rage, dividing more and more of our citizens.

But in reality these problems aren't very complicated at all. Let's deal with some facts on employment that have been verified. I encourage any and everyone to check the information here, for yourself.

Small businesses employ approximately, 70-75% of the American workers. By definition, a small business is a business independently owned and operated, with a small number of employees (usually less than 50) and a relatively low sales volume.

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If you don't agree with the premise I have set forth, go no further into this article before checking for yourself. Only after you have found this to be factual, should you continue through these writings.

Small businesses in the State of California have been experiencing the burden of heavy taxes and endless regulations, that stifle productivity and expansion. Consequently, for the last several years, small businesses have been leaving California, taking their tax revenues with them and leaving unemployed workers behind.

Consequently, tax revenues, to the State, have dropped substantially, because of departed businesses and the workers they employed. What is the California legislature thinking?

And now this same anti-small business mentality has taken root in Washington DC. When I was a young boy, I remember my parents giving me some valuable advice. They said, "talk is cheap! Regardless of what a man says, watch what he DOES! His actions will tell you everything you need to know about him."

On the campaign trail, then candidate Obama, made many pro-small business statements. But since the election, he has done nothing to support small businesses. No incentives for small businesses, such as tax breaks, relaxation of the strangling regulations, or low interest loans.

If he really wants better approval numbers, then he needs to talk about moving Congress toward enacting legislation to assist small business. But I have yet to see a pro-union politician, who is also, pro small business.

Does he really want to boost his approval numbers? You bet he does! But not this way. Whatever it is that keeps the California legislature from stopping the streams of small businesses leaving the state, Obama has a similar challenge, except where will the business go? Out of the country is where!

Nation-wide, the unemployment rate is currently at 9.7 percent. California is higher than its ever been at 12.2!

If President Obama wants a second term, he better deal with the millions out of work. He better listen to the small business community.

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