Federal Government Debt Consolidation Loans

Even if you are not one of the many Americans who has lost their job, you may still be struggling to deal with a mountain of credit card and other debts. If you haven't already been late making payments on your minimum balance then it is best not to delay taking action so you can protect your credit rating. If you already have missed payments then taking action will at least get the creditors and collectors off your back and relieve the stress on yourself and your family.

Because this trend touches so many Americans the US government has taken action to help those struggling and to indirectly help the country's recovery. There are now many private and government debt consolidation options because of the increased critical need. Many are turning to the option of government debt consolidation. You can discover if you are eligible for this route with a simple online inquiry. It is free to get further information to determine if you meet the current criteria. You can eliminate higher interest debts with one lower consolidated interest loan. That means more of your money goes to paying down your debt.

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You may be eligible for the DOE program which is a free government debt relief service that consolidates your high interest debts into one lower monthly payment. If you or a family member are living in one of the cities with unemployment at 15% or you are carrying a debt balance of $10,000 or even more then it is an excellent option to spend more time with a free online consultant trained to understand your particular situation and counsel you in the right direction.

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