Loan Protection Insurance Provides Financial Support

Loan protection insurance could provide you with financial support if you were to find yourself unemployed and without an income. A policy could also provide you with an income if you should fall ill or if you were the unfortunate victim of an accident that meant you could not earn a living.

When considering taking out loan protection insurance you would first have to work out how much your loan or credit card repayments added up to each month. All providers of protection will allow you to insure up to so much of your payments. The sum that you insure against is the sum that you would be given each month if you were to become unemployed or suffer incapacity.

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It is important to shop around for loan protection insurance. Many consumers are not even aware that they are able to pick and choose from different providers as the high street lenders tend to have a stranglehold over the sector. Lenders fail to tell the consumer about their options for taking out a policy as the protection they add onto their loans brings them around £4 billion each year in profits. However simply by shopping around for your protection you are able to save literally hundreds of pounds on the cost of protecting your repayments.

You have to be aware that in the majority of cases if you take out protection alongside the borrowing the lender will work out how much it would cost to cover the loan throughout the term you take it over and then add it into the cost of the loan. Usually interest is added onto the loan after the protection is added on which means your loan can almost double.

By buying your policy as a standalone product you will not only get a quality product but also the information you need to decide if the cover is suitable. A lack of information given out at the time of buying cover has caused the majority of problems with payment protection in the past. Some individuals were sold a policy that they could not hope to claim against simply because it was not suitable. Loan payment protection can be a great asset to have but you have to ensure that it is suitable. If you choose to go with a standalone specialist in payment protection you will be given all the information and advice needed to be able to make sure it is. You will also be able to find when you cover would begin and when it would end.

All loan protection insurance policies begin after you have been unemployed or incapacitated for a number of days. Some ask that you wait for 30 days before putting in a claim and others ask that you wait for up to 90. Once the policy has begun paying out then you receive a payment each month for a set period and then it expires. Your policy could payout for up to 12 months or some providers offer cover that might last as long as 24 months.

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